4711 Remix Refreshing Wipes

Fragrance: Floral, Fruity, lively, Citrus

Pack of 10
Refreshing Wipes

An intense fragrance experience, handy for on the go.

Product in detail

Three Remix Cologne fragrances in one set – Refreshing Wipes are different, funky & fresh. Feel clean and fresh!
4711 Remix is emblematic of ease, joie de vivre and fun – and hygiene too! Thanks to the high percentage of fragrance oil in the Remix creations, you can get both a feeling of freshness and an intensive fragrance experience for on the go. The colourful mix of sweet, fruity orange, lively, fresh lemon and floral, fruity orange blossom provides variety and fills you with new energy and pure joie de vivre. Stay clean and fresh!

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