4711 Remix Cologne (Orange Blossom)

Fragrance: Floral, Fruity, lively

100 ml
Eau de Cologne Natural Spray

The fruity freshness of the orange blossom remixed in a floral and bold way.

Product in detail

The fruity, bold cocktail of 4711 Remix Cologne (Orange Blossom) brings your wildest fantasies to life. Endless freedom, thousands of lights or sweeping over the waves on a surfboard – be what you want to be, because nothing is too wild! At the start, mandarine and peach evoke a delicious fruit cocktail that helps put you in a good mood with extracts of the orange blossom. At the heart, a mix of woody aspects and chocolate creates an exciting blend. Soft notes of vanilla, dry wood and patchouli highlight the intensity.

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