4711 Ice Blue Dab-On Fresh Pen

Fragrance: Floral, Fruity, lively, Citrus

40 ml
Dab-On Fresh Pen

The modern Cologne composition with fruity, citrus aromas provides a complete cooling effect.

Product in detail

The 4711 Ice Blue Dab-On Fresh Pen contains cooling menthol for a special cooling effect when it is hot. The handy size and shape are perfect for instantly feeling refreshed on the go. The pleasant freshness is accompanied by a citrus, floral fragrance: Bergamot, violet and pineapple, together with notes of privet, form the vitalizing top note. The heart note contains peppermint, which provides the unparalleled menthol character, as well as lily of the valley, peach and plum. White musk, cedarwood and amber harmoniously round off the base of the fragrance.

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