4711 Floral Collection Lilac Gift Set

Fragrance: Floral

EDC 100 ml / Shower Gel 50 ml
Gift Set

This subtly delicate Eau de Cologne delights with the vitalizing fragrance of spring, helping your good mood blossom.

Product in detail

Discover the 4711 Floral Collection Lilac Set with Shower Gel. The lilac is an enchanting herald of spring and inevitably evokes positive memories of a garden in full bloom. Subtle, sweet and velvety soft, this floral essence exudes a special kind of magic. Fresh, light notes of bergamot, freesia and peach open up the fragrance. Lilac, rose and jasmine then unfold at the heart. In the base note, the composition culminates in a cloud of musk and sandalwood. This set contains: Eau de Cologne Natural Spray (100 ml), Shower Gel (50 ml).

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