4711 Acqua Colonia Set of Miniatures

Fragrance: aquatic, fresh, Floral, Fruity, lively, Aromatic, woody, Citrus

5x8 ml
Set of miniatures

All of the highlight fragrances of the Acqua Colonia series combined into one set.

Product in detail

Acqua Colonia is a range of exceptional fragrances from the House of 4711 which inspires the body, the soul and the senses. The set of miniatures contains five Eaux de Cologne: Lime & Nutmeg, Lemon & Ginger, White Peach & Coriander, Blood Orange & Basil and Lychee & White Mint (each 8ml). Carefully selected natural ingredients are combined to create innovative and surprising fragrances. The combination of contrasting ingredients creates mesmerising Eaux de Cologne, which awaken the olfactory senses and create intense feel-good moments.

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