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The Range

Experience this fascinating series of extraordinary eaux de cologne and new high-quality bodycare products, which appeal to all the senses and create intense moments of wellbeing.

Eau de Cologne Aroma Shower Gel Moisturizing Body Lotion Refreshing Body Spray Aroma Soaps

Aroma Soaps

The Aroma Soaps from ACQUA COLONIA transform routine day-to-day hand-washing into a comforting, refreshing and high-quality experience. The colourful soap bars are available in the three most popular fragrances: Lime & Nutmeg, Pink Pepper & Grapefruit and Lemon & Ginger.

The Products

The new SEASONAL EDITION – for a complete sense of well-being

When the days grow colder, we crave warmth and cosiness. So it’s high time for the limited-edition seasonal fragrances from 4711 Acqua Colonia. This season, their bottles exude the aroma of Blackberry & Cocoa and Vanilla & Chestnut. These richly contrasting compositions bring together wintry fragrance notes and offer an intense fragrance experience.



The Design

A sophisticated retro design: the traditional Molanus bottle and its high-quality relief decoration underscores the elegance of the five fragrances. The naturalistic, delicate green packaging effectively accentuates the stylish botanical illustrations of the individual ingredients. A true highlight: A spray pump is included, providing the option of applying the fragrances either in liquid or in Natural Spray format.

Gabriel Moreno

A Spanish illustrator, painter, and engraver who is considered one of the world’s best illustrators. His imaginative works can be admired in such publications as the Sunday Times, Rolling Stone, and Esquire. For the new ACQUA COLONIA campaign, he created the artistic water-colour illustrations.

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